Function & Aesthetic

I am constantly on a quest for high-quality, beautiful objects that are designed to be used.

I am fortunate enough to know several ridiculously talented people, many of whom make things that are so handsome they deserve to be in museums and galleries- (and several of them are).

Not long ago I decided I wanted to create a place where I could sell inspiring, well made products. My search has taken me around the world; into stores, markets and creative spaces, as well as my friends’ homes and studios. I continue to gather a collection of things for sale that inspire me, tell a story, and are made with care, skill, and intention.

All of the products in my shop are designed to be used, and made well enough to last one or several lifetimes. Some have already lasted a few!

Some items offered are limited edition, one of a kind, or are made in small quantities and available for re-order.  The vast majority of supplies and tools will be readily available.