Image of Analogue Film Photography with Brian Ferry
  • Image of Analogue Film Photography with Brian Ferry

Analogue Film Photography with Brian Ferry

$75.00 / Coming Soon

Instructor: Brian Ferry
Date: TBA
Lecture Fee: $75
Class Size: 6 people
Time:12:30 -2:00 pm (or until class completion)
Location: LDBA Classroom, WIlliamsburg
338 Wythe Avenue · Brooklyn, NY 11211

Analogue film photography with Brian Ferry.
Brian Ferry is a photographer who specializes in shooting film. In this hour long class, he will discuss all aspects of using your 35mm film camera, including loading film and using your camera's settings to get the most out of your analogue equipment. He will divulge his own personal tips and tricks for shooting film, such as selecting a type of film to use, where to get it developed in NYC, tips for making scans and prints from your negatives, and using expired film and different lenses. Brian will also discuss different film camera models (both 35mm and medium format) that you can purchase in a used camera shop or online. We will shoot a few still-life photos as an exercise. Bring your 35 mm film camera, a roll of either color or black-and-white film, and a notebook to jot down useful tips. Class time 90 minutes.
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